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NFVA Teams


Help keep our village beautiful by maintaining various islands and medians not owned by the town. Participate in litter clean-up throughout the year.

Building Maintenance

Help maintain our Village Junction Building as part of the regular cleaning crew, landscaping crew, or building improvement crew.

Community Enrichment

Host or lead special interest groups in our Village Junction Building. Some examples are book club, chess club, crafting group called the Village Makers.


Create social, community-building gatherings for association members and the whole community.


Team of people who raise funds to support the association and its charitable purposes, such as the scholarship fund. One of the 3 annual fundraising events is the Paul White Memorial Road Race.


A team of people who write short articles with accompanying pictures to inform people of what is going on in the village, published in our monthly e-newsletters and quarterly PDF newsletters. Additionally, stories about community members, businesses, history, etc are appreciated.

Pedestrian and Street Safety

Team of people working with the town of Falmouth and the traffic advisory to maintain safety for pedestrians, cyclists and the entire community.


A team of people who work together to welcome newcomers to the community and seek out new members.

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