Ways and Means

Responsible for all fundraising except membership dues. Example: the Paul White Memorial Road Race (PWMRR) held annually as the major event.


Responsible for collecting annual dues, processing membership applications through the treasurer and keeping a record of all members.


Plans and executes all regular meeting programs. The details of the events shall be at the discretion of the committee members.


Responsible for supervising areas used by the Association for events, and provides refreshments at meetings and functions as needed.


This committee shall be responsible for collecting and maintaining historical documents, information, and memorabilia pertaining to our village. They may plan activities designed to promote interest in the history of our community.


This committee shall plan and implement beautification projects to create more pride in our village. They may also take appropriate action on any project that detracts from the beauty and safety of our village.


This committee shall plan and implement activities for the young people of our village to instill in them the ideals of good sportsmanship, kindness toward others, respect for public and private property, and pride in their community.


This committee shall plan and implement activities of special interest and /or benefit to the senior citizens of our village.