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Our Donors

Help us to continue our mission:

To provide opportunities for community members
of all generations to build relationships and engage
for the betterment of life in North Falmouth.

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You can make a difference.

Any contribution you can make will help to further our efforts to enhance community spirit in North Falmouth. All donors will be recognized in NFVA communications, including the website and our e-newsletter.


If you can, please consider becoming a Benefactor ($150) or a Patron ($250 or more). The North Falmouth Village Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and all donations are fully tax deductible.


Whatever support you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You to All Who Have
Generously Contributed

• Brian & Jane Crowley

• Nancy Flamm

• Perini Foundations


• Ronald Fernandes

• Elizabeth Gibbons

• Suzanne Gnospelius

• Ilene & Leonard Karnow

• Thomas Lebach

• James MacDonald

• Abid Rahman & Mathew Priska

• Alice & Rich Youmans

• Robert & Lynn Young


• Edward Arthur

• Michael Brainerd

• Richard & Jane Carter
• Susan Cassidy
• Edward & Joan Conley

• Helen Dixon
• Lillia Frantin
• Carol & Mark Horner

• Linda Jarvis
• Joseph Mahoney
• Julie Mansfield
• Evelyn McArdle
• Virginia McArdle
• Steve & Ruthanne Molyneaux
• Elaine O'Reilly
• Gay F. Paulson
• Ray & Susan Rowitz


Your Donations Help Us
to Achieve Our Mission

  • Revitalize the Village Junction building as a community hub.

  • Create a new monthly series of events for all ages, featuring talks, demonstrations, exhibits, and performances.
  • Expand Porchfest and increase participation in the Paul White Road Race even further.
  • Continue to provide scholarships, donate to the North Falmouth Elementary School, and build relationships throughout North Falmouth.
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