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When the Village Fills with Song

Old Main Road, North Falmouth

August 10, 2024

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What Is North Falmouth Porchfest?

North Falmouth Porchfest offers an afternoon of local and regional musicians playing on lawns and porches along Old Main Road. They'll offer something for every taste—from folk tunes and traditional chanties to indie and classic rock.

North Falmouth Porchfest is a true celebration of local art, entertainment, and community spirit.

The Performers
A sampling of past acts that have appeared at Porchfest...
Drew O'Doherty

An indie singer/songwriter,  Drew O'Doherty has composed the scores for independent films and nationally televised ad campaigns.

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Corey Heaslip (lead vocals and guitar) and Brian Domingos (bass) will offer original pop/rock songs with catchy melodies and sing-along choruses. The band (which also includes Scott Celeste on guitar and Tom McManamon  on drums) got its start more than 20 years ago playing porch party shows on these very streets. Their latest album, Monsoon, came out in 2021.

Graveyard of the Atlantic

Boston's Graveyard of the Atlantic features Dave Debany (guitar/vocals), Adam Anderson (guitar), David Deitch (drums), and Mike Gonzales (bass). Their original songs, as one reviewer noted, "are emotionally driven and filled with distanced guitars and melodic vocals that give you the feeling you've heard this somewhere even though you probably haven't yet."

Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor

Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor (Morgan James Peters) is a multi-award-winning composer, musician, theater artist, writer, and educator. He is a three-time winner of the New England Urban Music Award for Jazz, and is the writer and co-producer of the GroovaLottos' six-time Grammy-nominated album Ask Yo’ Mama.

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Good-time music that makes you dance— a mix of bluesy funk, classic rock favorites from the Woodstock era and beyond, and over 100 original songs.

Puffy Elvis

A local favorite, Puffy Elvis showcases the musical skills of current and former Falmouth High School teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators, plus the occasional guest performers. They cover rock 'n' roll tunes from the 1960s on—"tunes everyone knows and loves," they say. "Hang with us, sing along, dance with friends and have a great time!"

The ZYG 808

The ZYG 808 (pronounced 'Zee Why Gee' Eight-0h-Eight) is a "Soul Poet" musician, composer, producer, vocalist, DJ, and recording artist of Afrobeat, Rare Groove/Funk, Hyper Pop, and Hip-Hop. A leading figure in the Thump & Soul music movement, he is also the drummer of the GroovaLottos, a Grammy-nominated soul-funk jam band.

28 east.JPG

28 East formed in 2019 but found their sound during the Covid lockdown. Rhythm guitarist Garrett Cormier and lead singer Alcide Cormier use their twin-brother bond to create catchy progressive hooks. Chad Pelletier's avant-rock drum style, Nate Jones's heavy-hitting bass rhythm with interwoven melodies, and lead guitarist Chris Therrian’s distinctive vibrato patterns all contribute to the band's "dark and dirty" blue-collar rock sound.

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